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Mary J Ziegler maryz at MIT.EDU
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We have both the Bili Foot Mouse and the No Hands (but I believe the No Hands may not available for purchase anymore). Both can cause tendonitis in the lower leg/ankle/foot with extended use. Plus, it's almost impossible to stabilize your upper body while sitting and using both feet, so it can cause back strain too. I have seen folks use the Bili for SHORT durations successfully, but I would not recommend it as long-term solution.

I agree that a regular big trackball will likely work better, for the reasons Dan outlines below.

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Here's another vote for a trackball on the floor, preferably one with a large ball and big buttons.

We have had a NoHands mouse (http://www.footmouse.com/) in our facility for many years. Not one person who tried it enjoyed using it. Doing fine motor control as in mouse movements with both feet is a challenge. It appears that it's much easier to control a trackball with one foot instead.
On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 5:59 AM, Kenneth Elkind <Kenneth.Elkind at umb.edu<mailto:Kenneth.Elkind at umb.edu>> wrote:
I'm looking for recommendations for a foot mouse. I've client with severe carpal tunnel who uses one at home and work.

Kenneth Elkind

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