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If the student owns the book, you can make a program like Kurzweil 3000 or
Read&Write Gold available with a scanner, and the person can scan their own
books. We encourage our campus libraries to always have such a set-up
available for any student to use.


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I'm new to the list - please forgive if the answer has been discussed
already, but the Firefly topic fits along with the current issue I'm working
on which is figuring out how to use literacy software at the college level
to help struggling students that are not diagnosed with a print disability
and not receiving services from university student disability services. Do
you have advice on what the best steps are for obtaining their textbook in
digital format since they won't be eligible for Bookshare? Can one
successfully use "fair use" to scan chapters of the textbook and convert it
to use in one of these literacy software tools? We have WYNN, Kurzweil, Read
Write Gold, and Read Outloud, Cowriter, Write Outloud, Draft Builder, and
just learned about University Read Ou loud and Cowriter today. Is it best to
have the student request the book store request the publisher's digital
format - i.e. PDF, Html, etc. ? Any advice on what the favorite software
tools are for students who can benefit from these literacy support products?

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