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I am so sorry that the version on the Dolphin website is not accessible and
will see if I am allowed to release a version in MSWord as it seems ironic
that this should be the case!

There is also a Japanese project where they used iPads and Touch and Read
software. http://www.booksonline.iospress.nl/Content/View.aspx?piid=20953

Thanks to the Dolphin Consortium initial pilot project there are several
more initiatives now occurring in the field of altformat in UK such as
Load2Learn http://training.dyslexiaaction.org.uk/load2learn/trainingpilot
and MyDocStore http://www.mydocstore.org.uk/ which will also be evaluated.

Books for All http://www.books4all.org.uk/Home/ has a series of reports
available. http://www.adapteddigitalexams.org.uk/Downloads/Reports/

Best wishes E.A.

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Interesting that this report on accessibility is not tagged..or
accessible..huge sigh.

Cheers, Karen

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Good morning, those of you involved in AIM production and use may find the
following research from a project in the UK very informative. While middle
school in focus, I think the findings can be extrapolated to other similar
populations as well.


Ron Stewart


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what you have contributed to the lives of those that you have worked with.
Many times it is just a baby step forward, but even that is progress!

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