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Karlen Communications info at karlencommunications.com
Fri Nov 11 03:26:51 PST 2011

There is also MyVoice for iPhone and Android.and I do have the free version
on my iPad.


Here is the AppStore link


I think there is now a free version as well as a subscription if you want
more vocabulary options.

Cheers, Karen

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Hi Cath,

I gathered some info:

In general - the iphone is great for communication apps if you want
something portable. If you are worried about the small screen or have any
fine motor issues, the small icons and screen can make it hard to navigate
the features.

You can have an app open on an ipad, iphone, or itouch at the same time!
(e.g. the expensive app, Proloquo2go, can be used on both multiple ipads
simultaneously - You have up to 3 devices that you can share this purchased
application on.)

Other recommendations for idevices:
Proloquo2go - great app, but kind of "kiddy" in its features - but can
easily personalize
Verbally - another great app. Easier access to phrases, doesn't use
pictures symbols.

So here is how to get Proloquo2go from the ipad to the itouch, iphone,

1. Go to the App Store on the device that you want to install the app

2. On the bottom of the app store, there are some options. Select the
"purchased" icon

3. You can scroll through all apps downloaded so far and just click the
cloud button by the app to put it on the new device, it will automatically
start downloading.

~ Anna Martin

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Hi all -

Has anyone used any aug comm apps on the iphone?

Proloquo2Go, My Talk Tools Mobile, and touchChat seem to be robust options
but would love some feedback if anyone has seen them in action. Looking to
support a communications major who has had a stroke.

Best regards,


Cath Stager-Kilcommons

Assistive Technology Lab Coordinator

Disability Services / ODECE

N234 Center for Community

University of Colorado at Boulder



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