[Athen] captions when video on streaming server

Sean J Keegan skeegan at stanford.edu
Mon Sep 12 09:32:53 PDT 2011

> They have obtained a CD from the production company that
> has three different formats of the video (WMV, MOV and FLV),
> as well as the proper caption file formats for each.

A few questions:

- What media player are you using to play back the content on the Web
page? Are you trying to provide an embedded solution or a solution that
opens the media player on the user's computer?

- What are the caption file formats for the MOV and FLV videos?

> If you have an FLV or MP4 and want to embed a player in a
> web page pointing to a streaming source, you can use our player:
> http://go.osu.edu/jwpc, which is fully accessible.

I am going to second Ken's suggestion for his media player if you are
dealing with an FLV file (or want to convert one of the others into an
MP4). It's a very cool solution.

Take care,

Sean Keegan
Associate Director, Assistive Technology
Office of Accessible Education - Stanford University

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