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Robert Beach rbeach at KCKCC.EDU
Tue Sep 13 19:39:10 PDT 2011

Interesting. We have moved to Datatel here, and I haven't really found any accessibility issues with it yet. However, I'm using a very small portion of the system as of now. I can login, check my leave time, check my class roster, enter grades, and a few other tasks I've tried. I do not have access to the more administrative parts of Datatel such as enrolling a student or managing their profiles.

Even though I haven't really found accessibility issues, I have seen several simple things they could do to make the interface easier to use. But, that's a different story. <grin>

>From the student perspective, they have been able to enroll in classes on their own, print their schedules and bills, and check their grades. I will also say that the class portion is called Web Advisor, which I'm not totally sure is Datatel's product. It could be a different product that Datatel has interfaced with. The piece used for the student profiles and is used for faculty and staff to administer student records is called Web UI. I don't have access to this part.

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We also have the same issue, as I am a totally blind employee attempting to use Datatel. Our Computing Services folks have been in active dialog with Datatel.

The last suggestion we got was to try Firefox 5, but we haven’t done this just yet as I am not sure of its general accessibility. They said they are working on the problem and, though not solved completely by Firefox 5 yet, I should at least be able to log in.

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Unfortunately at this point I don’t think there is anything you can do to provide screen based access to this system. I think you have a compelling case to continue the older system until a resolution is put in place, unless your institution is willing to go through the complaint process. Datatel systems have a long history of accessibility issues, maybe someone needs to have a conversation with a senior representative of the company.

Ron Stewart

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Good Morning. We have a problem and I am hoping someone out there can help. We have a staff member with limited vision who uses JAWS. We are using MS 7 and Datatel 4.3 and they don’t play nice together. On their own, each can be made accessible, but the new version of Datatel is web based and requires Silverlight which will not work with JAWS at all. Our techs have contacted both software companies and are told, “We’re aware of the problem.” That doesn’t help me give this individual the same level of access to Datatel that she has had. We have been able to keep the old Datatel Client desktop running for her but have been told that will be discontinued as of January 1, 2012. Short of live readers available at all times I don’t see a solution. Any suggestions?

Kathy S. Hoffman
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