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The word file says the increase in fees for professional members will be from $50 to $100, but your email says $75. Which is correct?

- Joe Humbert

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Good morning, I wanted to share with you the Business Plan that was developed by Howard and his strategic planning committee. In order to make this plan happen we need to increase the resources that ATHEN has available so the following change in membership dues has been proposed and approved by the Exec Committee. These cost increases have to be voted on and approved by the membership. I have been working with Sean Keegan to make sure we get a good voting system in place as well, and you should be receiving an email about that in about two weeks.

Proposed Membership Fee Increases:

Individual $75.00
Educational Institutions: $200 with a limit of 5 members, one of which is a voting member.
Non-Profit AT related organizations: $200 with one non-voting representative
For Profit AT related organizations: $400 with one non-voting representative.

I have already been asked about those of you who have already renewed via AHG registration, and you will be grandfathered in for this year. The other question that has already come up is what do we get for our money. Read the Business Plan and those details are explained very well.

We would also appreciate your constructive feedback, and I really want to thank the committee for the hard work that went into it.

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