[Athen] Using HD webcam as portable magnifier?

Cynthia Jepsen Cindy.Jepsen at asu.edu
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Hi Sean. We just purchased the HD ZoomText Camera. It's mounted on a very tight gooseneck and needs to be about 4" from the image. I had a lot of trouble with clarity and smoothing. It seemed that the camera was constantly shaking and moving in space. The gooseneck seemed stable but I'm guessing it was not. Because it had to be so close to the image, you had to move the paper around a lot. Not reasonable. It showed well at CSUN but in reality it was not a good option for us.


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Hello all,

Has anyone tried using an HD webcam for a laptop as a substitute for a portable magnifier in the classroom?

I am familiar with the "portable" options like the Clarity PCMate and the Onyx Swing Arm, but these are designed for Windows computers and I am dealing with a Mac. Additionally, there is a desire to have a very discreet solution such that it does not take up much space in the class.

Most webcams are designed for video chat or displaying an image that is within a few feet of the camera, but has anyone tried an HD version? I am thinking about options where the student sits in the front of the class with images displayed on chalkboards/whiteboards.

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