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The main issue with Aleks is that they use Java Applets to display the math, they have said in the past they will move to MathML when the technology becomes more widely available (HTML5) and they have the resources to refactor their code to use MathML.

Please ask them a question on whether they have started their conversion to the use of MathML and if they have tested compatibility to people with disabilities.

Right now the only JAWS and Internet Explorer with the Design Science MathML plugin actually makes the MathMl accessible to screen reader users.

You might want also couch the context of the question as part of compatibility with Mobile devices like the iPad where Java may is available.


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I know this has been discussed on the list, but I would like feed back from those “using” the system on their campuses.

McGraw-Hill is coming tomorrow afternoon to present Aleks for our math department. They are considering it as one option. I’ve heard it is completely inaccessible, but I don’t know the details. Unfortunately, I will be off campus. However, our director will be attending. She would like to have some questions to put to the vendors regarding accessibility.

So, please share whatever you think would be good questions to put to McGraw-Hill regarding their product. Since some of you have actually encountered the issues, I’d like to hear what those issues are.

Thanks so much.

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