[Athen] Electronic Subscription Services: Question of definition, interface and, content

Bill Grubaugh grubaugh at sfsu.edu
Fri Apr 13 10:52:30 PDT 2012

Out of the Blue -
I'm attempting to draw correlative parallels between what the Feds require of ICT educational product/services, and those used by Post-Secondary school systems.
May I ask - How would you-all describe an Electronic Subscription Service?

I understand that they may be defined as simply as an E news list, where in the interface and related media content needs to be 508 conformant; and/or, wonder if these services may also be akin to a Company that offers electronic educational content for a licensed fee?

I've heard arguments that products procured by the federal government agencies under 508 do not relate to a Post-secondary system. I wonder if this is a skewed generalization because both school systems and the Federal government impact/interface with the public (categorizing students as public because, they are not employees).

Any thoughts? - On or off line.

Bill Grubaugh
(ICT Procurement)
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