[Athen] Accessible Accounting Software?

Normajean.Brand normajean.brand at hccs.edu
Mon Apr 30 14:54:07 PDT 2012

My first question: Is there an accounting software that works with JAWS or WindowsEyes for the blind?

We have a blind student (no sight) who insists on taking an accounting class that is dependent on using Peachtree accounting software as part of the curriculum. Maybe it's because I don't know JAWS well enough but I'm not able to get JAWS to work with Peachtree. Admittedly, I also don't know Peachtree accounting software either. This student is also "insisting" that we purchase software that is accessible and books that are accessible to him so he can take this class. It's not a class that is on his degree plan so it would be an elective.

Note: This student also does not have nor wants to learn computer skills, does not have nor wants to learn JAWS or other assistive software. He is expecting someone to read the textbooks, scribe/read his tests, search for the answers for him, and use the software for him. Is there something I'm missing or are these reasonable requests?

I keep checking all the usual places for the textbooks in an accessible format that he might be able to use and so far the books are not available.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Norma Jean

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