[Athen] Indenting Notification in Excel

Thu Aug 2 10:27:43 PDT 2012


A couple of weeks ago a few of you confirmed my thought that images of spreadsheets in an Accounting textbook should be created in Excel to make the information and formatting meaningful to a JAWS user.

All was going well until indenting. As you know, indenting is used within the same column to indicate that one item is a subset of another. I activated the Editing/Indentation Indicate option (available through Quick Settings) but still did not hear indentation feedback.

I then spoke with Technical Support at Freedom Scientific and was told that even though I activate the Quick Settings within Excel, it does not mean those settings are applicable to Excel. Furthermore, I was told that when you choose Excel in Settings Center/Speech and Sound Schemes, the Sound Schemes available are not necessarily applicable to Excel, that the only way to know if a scheme will work in Excel is by trial and error. Lastly, I was told that the only way I may get JAWS to recognize indentation in Excel as it reads is to create a custom script which would be extremely difficult.

Yes, Insert F does indicate whether there is an indent, but it is not practical to use Insert F on every cell as you listen.

Do you all have any ideas about how to design a spreadsheet for a JAWS user to communicate what a sighted user sees as indented text?

Thanks, Ellen

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