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I don't normally advertise a browser based toolbar and this one is
definitely not a replacement for screen reading or full magnification needed
to access all technologies. But if you want to offer people a free open
source toolbar with TTS that you can build to suit your needs, add to your
website or offer as a bookmark there is ATbar (www.atbar.org) We can help
you add your own logo and more languages if required - see the marketplace
and API menu links.

This is a 'work in progress' project - so any ideas for improvements and new
plugins would be welcomed.

Best wishes E.A.

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We use ReadSpeaker on our platform but we don't consider it to be a 'screen
reader' because it cannot handle interactive sites. The only people that
benefit from the ReadSpeaker tech are usually sighted users. It certainly
doesn't qualify as a comprehensive solution.


On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 5:15 PM, Pratik Patel <pratikp1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Marshall,


> Disclaimer, I am the owner of a consulting firm which works with many

> colleges and universities about their web strategies, accessibility

> design, and usability.


> Generally, we do not recommend that you employ services like this for

> making web sites accessible. It is unlikely to meet the needs of most

> of your users who rely on assistive technology. Users who do rely on

> assistive technology will often bring their own assistive technology

> to experience your web site.

> Purchasing this option does not solve a fundamental problem for your site.

> That is-your web site needs to be accessible first in order to make

> this service work well. If it is not, then either this service or the

> the assistive technology that your visitors will be using will not be

> able to access your site effectively. Services like these are often

> marketed as magical solutions that will solve all your problems. But

> conducting development in the right way will often solve more problems

> than using services such as this one.


> If your web developers would like training, testing services, or other

> assistance on making your web site more friendly to visitors with

> disabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.


> Warm regards,


> Pratik



> Pratik Patel

> CEO, EZFire



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> Is anyone familiar with the online speech to text service Readspeaker?

> I happened to run across the DSS website at Ohio State and they are

> using this to read the content of their web site. I want to make our

> school's website accessible with the speaking option, but this is the

> only service I have seen in use so far (and it sounds expensive). I

> also am curious if there is anything else out there that can do this

> for a low cost or even free.


> Thanks,

> Marshall

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