[Athen] HP ScanJet 5100 C scanner driver :-)

Ron Stewart ron at ahead.org
Thu Aug 23 19:11:20 PDT 2012

Hardware drivers need to be OS specific, and a lot of older scanners have
become boat anchors. Anyone want a Canon DR-5080C I have several that are
looking for a good home.

There are a variety of older scanners that do not provide driver software
for the more current OS's and any workaround is going to be a recipie for
disaster. Scanners like the 5100 were actually not truly TWAIN comliant in
the first place and were end of lifed in 2006-2007 and that needs to be
taken into account when you spend time and energy to try to develop a
work-around. The on only reliable and viable solution in maintain this
equipment is to keep and XP Pro box up and running. That is what we have
had to do to maintain or older scanners, they work great but you have to
make some trade-offs.

Ron Stewart

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All the docs I've found point to this not being compatible with Vista/7:

>From the Amazon review

"Buyer Beware. There are no drivers available for using this scanner with
Windows Vista or Win 7. If you need a boat anchor, it's fine, but that's all
its good for."

However, I assume you knew this since you asked if anyone had created custom
drivers for it. Sorry, wasn't able to find any of those either.

I've also seen people suggest trying Windows XP Compatibility mode, but
people didn't have luck with that either. (But this is probably because the
drivers were originally written for 95/98/NT and then patch it up to XP -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfiLtWbEFM4 ) maybe you could try it with a
Virtual XP instance.

Another thing you could try is using VueScan from http://www.hamrick.com/
which supposedly uses its own drivers (caveat emptor I've never used it, but
just read about it on a forum post).


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I should have given you more details, the new computer is three years old
running on Windows 732 bit the scanner is currently using a LPT one port
however it could purchase a SCSI converter cable USB.

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