[Athen] On demand PDF remediation

Paul E. Paire paire at temple.edu
Mon Dec 3 08:48:50 PST 2012


At the most recent Accessing Higher Ground conference (great conference by the way), I sat in a presentation by Ken Nakata, and he mentioned that one of the institutions he consulted with performed the following:

Insert a special tag in each PDF that hasn't been fully checked for compliance that only screen readers see. The screen reader then gets a notification "this PDF might not be fully accessible. If you have a problem with this PDF, please click here and we will get you an accessible PDF in X time." If the user follows the link then the PDF goes to an outside company that makes it accessible (in 24 - 48 hours if memory serves) and then it's automatically mailed back to them.

Is anyone aware of an organization doing this? (I'd like to ask them some questions, like how much does it cost, what company do they use, etc.)


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