[Athen] Accessibility of Adobe Connect player/pods

Howard Kramer hkramer at atsol.us
Wed Dec 5 09:13:41 PST 2012

Dear Colleagues:

(Please excuse any cross-posts.)

I wonder if anyone has an insight into the accessibility of
controls/buttons for the Adobe Connect player (I'm not sure if player is
the correct terminology - it consists of a series of what they call pods
[written in Flash action script?]). I've posted the recorded sessions for
the Accessing Higher Ground conference on the Connect platform.

The Adobe site list hotkeys that can be used with Connect, including
playback control, at -

- but I've found that the hotkeys for playback work unreliably
and intermittently at best. Cntrl-F6 doesn't always move between the
various pods; Cntrl-F8 which is supposed to list hotkeys (or "display the
pod menu for keyboard control") doesn't work at all; many buttons are not
labeled and even the 'p' command to play/pause doesn't always work. In
I.E., when the 'p' didn't work I was able to use the JAWS find to focus on
the play/pause button and at least stop/start the recording that way. I can
then access the slider control which controls fast-forward or rewind - it
is labeled thankfully - but there doesn't seem to be a hot-key to control
it - i.e. to move it.

It looks like I may have to provide the recordings on two different
platforms - Connect for those who need or prefer the captioning and another
platform for users of screenreaders and other AT.

I welcome any suggestions/insight/help anyone has on this. I know Andrew K.
follows the WebAIM list so maybe he'll chime in.

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