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Howard Kramer hkramer at ahead.org
Mon Dec 10 12:07:55 PST 2012

Hi Andrew,

I tried JAWS with a few different browsers. I'll try the tips you mentioned
below and let you know what happens.


On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 1:02 PM, Andrew Kirkpatrick <akirkpat at adobe.com>wrote:

> Howard,

> The first question that I have is what browser you're using to view the

> recordings. The player is Flash-based and there are challenges getting

> focus into the player on some browsers. That still works best with IE.

> Once you have focus in the Connect recording player window, then you can

> use the keyboard shortcuts.


> It seems like there may be an issue with the new Event Overlay area - it

> isn't responding as the other pods are, so appears to be blocking the use

> of the Ctrl+F6 shortcut. If you tab a couple of times to get the focus

> past this item then Ctrl+F6 works as expected (at least it does for me).

> You mentioned Ctrl+F8 also, which doesn't do much in a recording because

> there are no context menus in the recording interface's pods for this

> shortcut to open.


> I wasn't able to reproduce an issue with the "p" shortcut not correctly

> toggling the play/pause button, except when the focus was on a text input

> area and in that case the "p" was entered into the control, which I believe

> is the correct behavior. Can you provide steps to reproduce?


> The slider to the right of the play/pause button operates with the

> right/left arrow and home/end keys. Like the "p" key, these shortcuts may

> run into difficulties with JAWS grabbing the keystrokes (e.g. for next

> paragraph or next/previous character). If you can provide steps to

> reproduce what you are finding, that would help us. It is worth knowing

> that at least for JAWS the keyboard pass-through is insert+3 so if "p"

> isn't working and then you hit "insert+3" followed by "p" and it does, then

> we at least know why it is happening.


> I saw one other comment that the closed captioning wasn't able to be read

> by a JAWS user, and that is true. The captions are hidden from AT, but the

> caption pod does allow you to export a transcript of the event's

> captioning, which may be easier to read for a deaf-blind user.


> We'll follow up with the Connect team to make sure that we have bugs

> logged for any reproducible issues, and will add more if other issues are

> identified/clarified.


> Thanks,



> Andrew Kirkpatrick

> Group Product Manager, Accessibility

> Adobe Systems


> akirkpat at adobe.com

> http://twitter.com/awkawk

> http://blogs.adobe.com/accessibility



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> Dear Colleagues:


> (Please excuse any cross-posts.)


> I wonder if anyone has an insight into the accessibility of

> controls/buttons for the Adobe Connect player (I'm not sure if player is

> the correct terminology - it consists of a series of what they call pods

> [written in Flash action script?]). I've posted the recorded sessions for

> the Accessing Higher Ground conference on the Connect platform.


> The Adobe site list hotkeys that can be used with Connect, including

> playback control, at -


> http://help.adobe.com/en_US/connect/9.0/using/WS5ae85155c1a0214d1172e081227b89777b-8000.html#WS5e953006aa800217-2e21eaae122a9c49b5b-8000


> - but I've found that the hotkeys for playback work unreliably and

> intermittently at best. Cntrl-F6 doesn't always move between the various

> pods; Cntrl-F8 which is supposed to list hotkeys (or "display the pod menu

> for keyboard control") doesn't work at all; many buttons are not labeled

> and even the 'p' command to play/pause doesn't always work. In I.E., when

> the 'p' didn't work I was able to use the JAWS find to focus on the

> play/pause button and at least stop/start the recording that way. I can

> then access the slider control which controls fast-forward or rewind - it

> is labeled thankfully - but there doesn't seem to be a hot-key to control

> it - i.e. to move it.


> It looks like I may have to provide the recordings on two different

> platforms - Connect for those who need or prefer the captioning and another

> platform for users of screenreaders and other AT.


> I welcome any suggestions/insight/help anyone has on this. I know Andrew K.

> follows the WebAIM list so maybe he'll chime in.


> Cheers,

> Howard

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