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I'm using the plug-in, but it still only provides a restricted level of access--it doesn't increase the range of possible ways of reading the text, as sentence by sentence, or word by word, for instance. Also, the accessibility hasn't been improved at all since the plug-in was released, so I don't expect that this will change anytime soon.


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Robert, I'll reply but not with a payload of firsthand knowledge. Students here are using it for mainly the smaller literature classics as the Kindle editions are so much less expensive than the printed books, and of course they have to buy the printed book as we need a receipt before we can release edited publisher files. The interface is less of a problem than the navigation of the book itself.

Student experiences here I think pretty much mirror the findings listed in this article: http://www.afb.org/afbpress/pub.asp?DocID=aw120506. Unlike Pratik's experience, with the plugin they are able to enable speech even if the book itself has no TTS functionality.


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Hello all,

I know this was discussed some time ago, but I need an update/reminder.

I know there is an accessibility patch for the Kindle software for PC that supposedly makes it work with JAWS. I also remember the reviews weren't very exciting when I first heard it discussed. What kind of luck are folks having with this setup? Have there been any improvements? What draw backs might I expect to find?


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