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Ron Stewart ron at ahead.org
Wed Jul 18 13:49:55 PDT 2012

Given that it is an accounting book the student may actually need access to
the spreadsheet content so they may need to be converted to tables.

Ron Stewart

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We are in the process of preparing the alt media for a blind student who is
taking Accounting 1 in the fall. We are converting his text book to Word and
structuring the document with headings, linearizing the side bars and image
text to read correctly, etc. The most formidable challenge we currently face
is dealing with the images of spreadsheets. We are wondering if some of you
have prepared Accounting textbooks for students who are blind and could
share your approach. We have ordered the Learning Ally version, but it won't
be available until about a month after the semester begins at the earliest.
In any case, etext is the student's preferred format.

Thanks very much.


Ellen Cutler

Santa Monica College


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