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My email desktop client accidently forwarded my previous Athen post from the wrong email address. I wanted to repost my comment from my correct email address so that I can recieve responses. Thanks, JPThis is an interesting issue.

Safe Browsing Bloom filter is used by the Google Chrome web
browser. Chrome uses to identify malicious websites. The technique
is capable of identifying up to 1 million malicious websites. So, you
should feel safe as you are protected against ~0.2% of malicious websites on
the web.

As I searched the topic online I saw a lot of people trying to
remove the Bloom filters with no success. Most people do not know what it
is and do not want it.

This is what I was capable of finding on the issue this morning.


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Over the past year I have had 2
items pop up on my desktop

safe browsing bloom

safe browsing bloom filter

I deleted them a couple times with no idea of what they were or how they got on
my desktop.

They just popped up again.

Does anyone know what they are?

Is it malware or what?

How might I have got them?

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