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Hi Carol,

We went paperless about 6 years ago. I don't see any real negatives at this point, its all been good.
We now scan proof of disability and return to the student if provided by the student. Or, depending on the situation, we may copy the doc and give it back to the student and later scan. We would then shred our copy. If it is provided by a third party, we scan and shred. We started the process by scanning in our current files. Then we scanned back about 5 years worth I believe. Instead of scanning every piece of paper in the files, we created several doc types including; Documentation, Authorization for Release, and of course Misc. for other items. Basically we created categories for items that were most important to preserve.

I hope this helps. You can always email me if you'd like more information about our process.

Randi Jiron, MBA
Disability Services Specialist
Office of Disability Services
Rogue Community College
rjiron at roguecc.edu

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Posting for a colleague; forgive the cross-posts.

We need some feedback from those of you who work in a paperless or near paperless office. Our office will be using a on line database soon. Thanks in advance for answers to the questions below.
What are the negatives of becoming paperless?
Did you scan proof of disability and return the original to the student?
How did you start the process on current files?
Carol Barnes

Carol Barnes

Disability Resource Specialist
Pima Community College, West & Community Campuses
520-206-3139 (fax)
carol.barnes at pima.edu<mailto:carol.barnes at pima.edu>

Cindy Gershman
Advanced Program Coordinator, Alt Format
Disabled Student Resources
Pima Community College
Tucson, AZ
cgershman at pima.edu<mailto:cgershman at pima.edu>

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