[Athen] interesting update on Dragon

Wink Harner wink.harner at mesacc.edu
Tue Jun 5 14:08:05 PDT 2012


I periodically use remote login software when moving files back and forth
between office & home or office & laptop or accessing a program on the other
computer. Completely by accident, I discovered today that Dragon
NaturallySpeaking will actually dictate into the remote computer! I am using
Team Viewer for the RLO (free) software. This was a pleasant surprise. Those
of you who may need to recommend something like this for any of your
technicians, technology specialist, or students, this may be extremely
helpful to know. If you feel curious & pesky, some of you may wish to try
this out with other RLO software. Please let me know your experiences. I
would be curious to know what other software might work with Dragon via
remote login.

Thanks in advance.



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