[Athen] VPAT - WCAG 2.0 AA for Web content, and 508 for all others?

Paul E. Paire paire at temple.edu
Wed Jun 13 08:04:13 PDT 2012


I've been wondering about vendors submitting VPATs. I know a number of universities are using WCAG 2.0 AA as the standard they're looking to adhere to, but this would be for web content only, which would be section 1194.22 of Section 508. Are there other guidelines that should be used for the other sections of 508, or do people feel that Sections 1194.21, and 1194.23-41 are sufficient as they stand?

Ultimately, when you request a vendor fill out VPATs do you give them 508 VPATs for everything but 1194.22 and give them a WCAG 2.0 AA VPAT for that section?



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