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I doubt very seriously that she was able to get words spelled in RFB&D books since the text just isn't there. They are audio only books. Now, she could get this in a book from Bookshare.

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Hello all,
We received the message below regarding a student to whom we provided DAISY files produced in-house (Producer/Publisher).

Student said with the RFBD books she had before, she was able to navigate down the levels to advance by word or have words spelled for her on her Victor Stream, but she is unable to get the DAISY book we gave her to do that. She was just wondering if it's because that feature is not included with our DAISY books or if she just doesn't know how to navigate to that with her stream.


1. Can anyone offer advice for student on how to use the Victor Stream in this manner?

2. Offer us a reason our files will not allow what she wishes to do?

Many, many thanks in advance,

Cindy Gershman
Advanced Program Coordinator
Disabled Student Resources
Pima Community College
Tucson, AZ 85705

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