[Athen] Anyone here familiar with Microsoft speech recognition??

Wink Harner wink.harner at mesacc.edu
Sat Jun 23 08:33:36 PDT 2012


MS speech to text is not as sophisticated as you would hope. It is much
less accurate than DragonNaturally Speaking, error prone both in terms of
recognition & commands. I do not know if it is designed to transcribe from
a recording. Dragon does all of that. If you want a more accurate, less
frustrating experience, get dragon. You can use it for 30 days & if it
doesn't suit your needs for any reason, you can get a refund. Nuance also
sells a very reliable portable recorder which can serve two purposes: make
an audio recording of a lecture or meeting, or transcribe YOUR voice into
text. It is not synchronus. You physically have to take the recorder back
to the computer where you've got Dragon installed, plug I have the cable &
transcribe to text. Message me directly for more info. I'm proficient in
speech to text and do lots if training on Dragon. I am disappointed in the
quality of the MS speech to text engine. Impressed with the improvements
Nuance has made. Will be happy to help.

wink.Harner at mesacc.edu
On Jun 23, 2012 8:14 AM, "Prof Norm Coombs" <norm.coombs at gmail.com> wrote:

> I hope to find someone with some familiarity using Microsoft's speech

> recognition software.

> What I am specifically interested in being able to do is to:

> 1 train the program to my voice


> 2 take a recording I have made and run that recording through the speech

> engine using my profile and get a reasonable text transcription of the

> recording.


> I'd appreciate anyone who might be able to help me understand the software

> and what would be involved in achieving my goal.


> Norm Coombs

> Norm.coombs at gmail.com



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