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Hi all,

Below is the response I provided off-list to Dawn. It may help others on the
list, so please share.

I also had an occasion to have a conversation with a colleague at ASU about
a similar topic (not Dragon solvable) and my response was for overbearingly
too frequent login & passwords for folks with mobility impairments, consider
using a data-encrypted password utility such as LastPass where it can store
accounts & passwords in encrypted format. This allows someone a one or two
key press entry instead of multiple, complicated key presses to accomplish
repetitive tasks.

Hope this is helpful.



The login & password can be set up by creating a macro for each one. As long
as the screen is accessible for DNS to work. The directions for creating the
macro are fairly simple and are available on the HELP file menu. It could be
done to set up as a PRESS SHIFT 6 for the login and PRESS SHIFT 7 for the
password, then PRESS ENTER to continue.

I'm currently working on creating macros to enter braille code, so a macro
for a password is pretty easy to solve.

The accuracy for Dragon medical can be improved by importing vocabulary
specific to the job and by running accuracy updates on the profile
frequently. If she uses the DNS at the same workstation, she can import the
vocabulary from the hard disc & from her emails (if she sends many, it would
be helpful). She can also import word lists. She should practice practice
practice the recognition of DNS --reading medical journals, "fake" case
notes --even reading the vocabulary from the blank forms (not filled out) is
good practice.

Here's my cell & personal email. Let me know if you (collectively) need

foreigntype at cox.net


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Good evening!

Does anyone have any suggestions for the situation discussed below? If not,
do you have a contact at Nuance who has been helpful in the past?

Thanks, in advance for any information you can provide!


Dawn Hunziker
Technology Access Coordinator

Disability Resource Center
hunziker at email.arizona.edu

I am writing to inquire if the DRC has anyone who can assist me with Dragon
Medical Software which I use at the Crisis Response Center.
I have had a worsening of problems with my hands and it is critical that I
decrease the amount of keyboarding. I can do this by maximizing accuracy of
Dragon and making a modification to my 8 character password which I need to
type numerous times, I.e. with every order entry and every note. I have
tried to problem solve with the COO of CRC who informed me that the software
had a security setting which could not be modified for fewer password

I think that Dragon can be programmed to take a voice command for password
which is really a "code word" but I don't know how to do this. Please let me
know if you know someone who does at your earliest opportunity. Thanks!

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