[Athen] accessible workstation signs in computer labs?

Lissner, Scott Lissner.2 at osu.edu
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I would suggest the signage mirror what is typically on a bus rather
than a parking lot.

Accessible parking is for permit holders only. On buses in front where
the seats fold up to make room for a wheelchair and where the driver can
provide assistance to riders with other disabilities if needed is a
sign that typically reads You may be asked to move from this seat to
provide access for individuals with disabilities. So an access symbol
and something like This workstation is loaded with adaptive software,
you may be asked to change workstations in order to provide access.

The policy should be that someone not needing the unique features of the
workstation would move to an open station. If none were open they would
continue to work and the individual with the need would wait for a
station to open. At that point the person at the accessible workstation
moves and the individual with a disability goes to the now vacant
accessible station.

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We're in the process of writing up standards for computer labs, and the
question was raised "Is it accessible to designate which workstations
are the accessible workstations, just like is done in parking lots?"

Some accessibility software is in the base image, so a student can go to
any workstation in the lab and use items like ZoomText and Read&Write
Gold. However, some software/hardware is workstation specific. Is it
acceptable to have a sign (international symbol) to indicate the
workstations with AT on them? Would it be better to have some other
indication (a universal indicator across all computer labs such as an
orange dot on the monitor and a tactile marker on the corner of the
desk), so that the people with disabilities would know which
workstations have AT on them, but it wouldn't necessarily be obvious to
other students?

I'd appreciate your response.



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