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Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at msu.edu
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Hi Robert,
I've played with this a bit and as a Voiceover user myself, I can also say that I'm very impressed. Over all, I think accessibility of the app is on par with that of iBooks. I have yet to attempt reading with a Braille display, but since the app basically just lets Voiceover do its thing, I suspect Braill will work just fine as well.

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Hey all,

I know it really just came out, but has anybody had students try the newest Nook App for IOS? I've downloaded one book that I'll be starting soon, but haven't played with it extensively. What I've tried is very impressive.

What has me excited is that almost every e-text request I've had for the spring semester is available as a Nook Book. I'm a bit reluctant to have students go that route without more investigation, but this looks promising to me. The other cool thing is that all but one of the Nook Book versions has been cheaper than the hard copy from our bookstore.

If anybody has played with this more, please let me know what your thoughts are.


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