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Patrick Burke burke at ucla.edu
Sun Oct 14 07:02:27 PDT 2012

Jamal Mazrui also has a utility to avoid the command-line process: JWin:
(I haven't tried it. Should be good, although it is one more thing to install.)


At 04:36 AM 10/14/2012, Patrick Burke wrote:

>Hi Norm,


>The catch is that you have to turn on the Access Bridge feature from

>the command line. Here's what they say:


>>"To enable Java Access Bridge, run the following command (where

>>%JRE_HOME% is the directory of your JRE):


>>%JRE_HOME%\bin\jabswitch -enable



>>So, for example, from the Command prompt I went to

>>c:\program files\java\jre7\bin

>>& type the command:

>>jabswitch -enable


>>A message then appears confirming that it worked. All described at:




>Good luck,


>At 04:15 PM 10/13/2012, Prof Norm Coombs wrote:

>>I saw that JAVA 7 was bundling the access bridge with it. I have

>>need to get the bridge but had procrastinated.

>>Now I installed Java 7 and the control panel shows it is on my

>>computer. So far, so good.

>>Is there any way I can verify that the bridge was in fact also installed???




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