[Athen] RE: What is your favorite free magnification software?

Jeffrey Dell jeffreydell99 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 10:54:53 PDT 2012

Lightning Express works well. Or at least as well as anything that is
free. The only problem is that the executable needs to be run from
the website daily for it to continue working. It works on Win XP,
Vista, and 7.
If you have network licensing for MAGic or ZoomText you may be able to
access the license server on your network with the laptops. MAGic is
usually the easieest to do this with because you need no special read
permissions for the folder on the server.

On 10/22/12, John Elmer <JElmer at vcccd.edu> wrote:

> Consider the built in functions of Windows and the MacOS.


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> Students can loan laptops for a short period of time on campus. I want to

> install some free screen reader and magnification software.


> I'm planning to use Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) for the screen reader.


> But I am still looking for a magnification software any suggestions?


> Ken Elkind

> University of Massachusetts Boston


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