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The last couple weeks posted this question on the Dragon NaturallySpeaking group Linked in. I thought you might be interested in some of the responses I received.
Dyslexia and TBI training strategies

When an individual with dyslexia or TBI reads text out loud to Dragon NaturallySpeaking the voice file created is going to be different than if the individual just dictates without any prompts.

I realize this question is probably pretty complex but what is Dragon NaturallySpeaking doing when an individual reads text out loud in the training scripts.

What are the best training strategies into this situation?

I have fond memories of reading the Adventures of Alice Wonderland :-).

Andy Tippett<http://www.linkedin.com/groups?viewMemberFeed=&gid=3004295&memberID=82084891&goback=%2Egde_3004295_member_227348744%2Egmp_3004295> * I'd suggest that you do the enrollment with them, you get them to repeat what you say and you read a phrase at a time to them.

Just make sure you work out how big a phrase the user is able to remember. The enrollment text just really needs to be got through..it's what you do after enrollment that really makes the difference to improved recognition and use.

Hope that helps

Stephan Küpper<http://www.linkedin.com/groups?viewMemberFeed=&gid=3004295&memberID=668297&goback=%2Egde_3004295_member_227348744%2Egmp_3004295> * Depending on the accent and fluency of the individual dictation, you may even skip general training and just do the audio wizard. Recognition is usually quite good, as long as dictation is reasonably fluent and the speaker doesn't have a strong regional accent.

Seamus Cuddihy<http://www.linkedin.com/groups?viewMemberFeed=&gid=3004295&memberID=79774428&goback=%2Egde_3004295_member_227348744%2Egmp_3004295> * If readings through the training script proves very difficult or even traumatic for the individual then it is possible to skip it. However, I have had very good success by getting the individual to repeat the text after me.

Once the profile is successfully set up then you can begin building accuracy through usage. Just make sure they get a good grasp of the correction procedure following misrecognitions as this is how Dragon will learn and improve with use.

Richard Birney<http://www.linkedin.com/groups?viewMemberFeed=&gid=3004295&memberID=161782387&goback=%2Egde_3004295_member_227348744%2Egmp_3004295> * I keep a copy of the training material in text format. For those with visual stress they can use their colour overlays to make reading more comfortable. The same files can also be converted to audio to allow a user to listen then 'echo' on their own.
Bear in mind that the dyslexic tendencies of many are exacerbated by the stress of training. (Even more so in front of a relative stranger) Making the material more accessible allows them to take control of their own profile development. This builds their confidence and sense of accomplishment.
I agree with the comment that its what they do after initial training that counts, but there is a good chance that they will give up before that point if the profile doesn't work!

Malcolm Aickin<http://www.linkedin.com/groups?viewMemberFeed=&gid=3004295&memberID=50844771&goback=%2Egde_3004295_member_227348744%2Egmp_3004295> * It is some time ago I did the training; fond memories of Alice down the rabbit hole too! I have found that a dictating machine works much better for me than the head set. This made the whole training thing less intimidating and it was possible to delete and reread errors. I found a Sony recorder with a memory stick really useful and although the recorder is now long obsolete the latest version supports it, although I did have problems with an earlier upgrade.

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