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Justin Hicks jxhicks at ualr.edu
Mon Aug 19 06:06:13 PDT 2013

Hi Brenden,

We actually purchased a site license for Snap and Read because it allows
for student take home rights. Most of the students who have used it seemed
to like it.

A few things about it that I have found.

1. It always uses it's OCR, even if the document is accessible already.
Because of this sometimes there are reading errors.

2. Because it is using OCR, if it is having problems getting a section
correct, increasing the font size or zoom level usually helps.

3. Also because it uses OCR, it is not limited to documents only. Any text
on screen is readable, including things like menu bars and icon text.

4. The included voices are much better than those included with Windows,
and probably on par with the one included with Mac.

5. It is both Windows and Mac compatible, which is nice.

If you have any other questions about it, please let me know.

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> Just wondering if anyone has experience with the Snap&Read toolbar from

> Don Johnston. It sounds like it could be a low-cost solution to adding

> text-to-speech capability on computers campus-wide. If you've used it, or

> even heard about people using it, please let us know how well it works.


> Thanks!

> Brenden Goetz

> Assistive Technology Specialist

> University of Denver

> brenden.goetz at du.edu

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