[Athen] visually impaired student in a circuitry class

Doug Hayman dhayman at u.washington.edu
Fri Dec 6 09:10:36 PST 2013

What are the general requirements to take part in the class?

Will be be assembling things with capacitors, resistors and such?
Soldering or using a breadboard?

My vision is getting worse [at 53] and when I dabbled a bit in that realm
needed to use a magnifying lense to properly identify capacitors as those
colored bands are a challenge to see. And in a recent soldering class
offered through a member of the Audio Engineering Society here in the
Seattle area, many other audio geeks were using those clamps that also
have magnifiers on them.

Just trying to picture the required tasks and how they could be

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On Fri, 6 Dec 2013, Robert Beach wrote:

> Hi all,


> We have a visually impaired student enrolled in our audio engeneering program who needs to take two circuitry classes. Unfortunately, the instructor is very, very, resistant to having this student in his class. He claims it is a safety risk that puts the college at high risk of liability. In fact, the student was enrolled and went to the first day of classes and the instructor talked him out of the class.


> Now the dean of the program is wanting to know if there is anyway we can accommodate the student so that he can finish the program. I think most of the two classes (especially the first one) can be accommodated, but I've never had to do this before. Has anybody dealt with such an issue? Any pointers would be appreciated.



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