[Athen] screen reading in Pearson myXlab

Ron Stewart ron at ahead.org
Fri Dec 6 15:18:45 PST 2013

It is only JAWS and the most recent versions that work in MyxLab. In the
most recent teleconference they had nothing new to show. As far as I am
aware it does not work with any other screen reader, nor with the reading
assistance software you are mentioning. It may be able to be made to work
with more sophisticated products like RWG, but as far as I am aware at this
point it is a total disaster. Nothing like Kesi is even going to begin to
work with it, so I would not waste my time.

Ron Stewart

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Hi all,

Please remind me how well or if generic screen readers perform in Pearson's
murder of MyXlab online courses work. Student needs something like Natural
Reader for reading support. Has been using Kurzweil for converted print
material in the past.

Thanks awfully much in advance.

Wink Harner

foreigntype at gmail.com


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