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Ron Stewart ron at ahead.org
Tue Feb 5 05:07:45 PST 2013

The Openstax material are a project of the Connexions effort out of Rice
University. http://cnx.org/ I was at a conference there when they
announced this effort, at that time these materials were going to be
produced by a third party vendor. I brought up the issue of accessibility
and was told they were working on it but initially that they were going to
be produced in ePub and PDF format by a third party publisher. Looks like
that is an unfulfilled promise.

It is really too bad since once again this is an instance of material being
produced in fully accessible form, CNX uses XML+MathML+SVG in the general
authoring system but publishes in inaccessible forms. They claim their
regular materials work with screen readers, but this does not extend to the
Openstax books it seems.

I would contact them directly and voice your displeasure and also try to get
your institutions to not use the materials until they are available in fully
accessible forms.

Ron Stewart

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Forwarding this from another list. Anyone have any answers or contact info
at openstax.org?

Thanks in advance, esteemed colleagues!


Wink Harner

Accessibility Consultant & Multi-Language Alt-Media Production The Foreign
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Has anyone had experience with books from Openstax.org. I had a student that
I was going to show how to use the read aloud feature for her PDF book from
Openstax but they have not allowed that feature, and I'm unsure how to
contact anyone about their accessibility.
Does anyone have contact information for them?
Has anyone tried their epubs with accessibility features?

Melody G. M. Lee, MS, CRC
Disability Support Services
Stark State College
6200 Frank Ave.
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