[Athen] Students with Learning Disabilities and Textbooks with Math

Cassandra L. Tex Cassandra.Tex at humboldt.edu
Thu Feb 7 13:16:43 PST 2013

Greetings All,
Sorry for the cross posting....

In general, what are your students with learning disabilities who have
textbooks with math (math, physics, chemistry, etc.) doing with regards to
alternate media and e-text? What types of files are you providing for

It's my understanding that the math will only be spoken if the documents
are produced in Word, inserting equations/symbols with MathType, saving as
MathPage (HTML files with MathML), and reading the file in Internet
Explorer with MathPlayer plug-in and JAWS. Is that correct? Any other
way (with only text-to-speech, not screen reader) to get the math spoken?

Final question...if there is a way to get the math spoken with
text-to-speech (not screen reader), do your students with learning
disabilities generally like listening to the spoken math?

Thanks for your help!

Cassandra Tex
Assistive Technology Specialist
Humboldt State University
tex at humboldt.edu

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