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EASI free Webinar science courses can be accessible
Emerging Trends in the Full Integration of the Blind and Visually Impaired
in Science Education
Monday February 18
presenter: Cary A. Supalo, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Illinois
State University
Times 9 Pacific, 10 Mountain 11 Central and Noon Eastern

This presentation will discuss new methodologies being used in science
classrooms to promote increased student engagement in the science
laboratory classroom for students with visual impairments. Further, new
access technology solutions and suggested teaching strategies that have
proven to be beneficial to a student with a visual impairment will also be
presented. Specifics as to the types of curriculum modifications and their
successful implementation in the secondary and post-secondary science
laboratory courses will be described.

students with disabilities frequently avoid science classes, and schools
often discourage those who want to take such courses. This is no longer

Both the faculty and the students need to be aware of the tools and
techniques which can bridge this chasm.

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Making Online Teaching Accessible: Inclusive Course Design for Students
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