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Hi All,

We had an open site license for Read & Write Gold at my previous college and
permission to provide flash drive versions to students/faculty on a per-term
for use at home or off-site. It was installed in the testing center too.

However, that was a software investment for the whole college. It was
expensive, but worth it for what we needed and how we used it. For students
to access on the fly, free-to-low cost good PDF reading software is the way
to go. Unless you WANT to buy software (;>)

Heidi Scher & I put together a reasonable list of free/no/low cost apps for
our AHG workshop last fall. I can post the link or you all can go to the AHG
website and access our info from last November's conference.


Wink Harner

Accessibility Consultant & Multi-Language Alt-Media Production
The Foreign Type
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Portland OR

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We are looking into making software available to Alt Formats students that
will read PDFs (in the event they are not already using a screen
reader) available for both Mac and PC. I've talked to some of you
individually, but if you can weigh in on what you are using I'd appreciate
it! Right now we show the students NaturalReaders and/or the reader in

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