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Hi Teresa,

Am I missing something, I have downloaded firefox and chrome on window XP
computers. The student does not need to purchase a new computer, just
access the internet in one of those two options.

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On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 2:47 PM, Teresa Haven <Teresa.Haven at asu.edu> wrote:

> Aloha, all. I’m looking for a solution to a recently-discovered problem

> with MathPlayer and MathType content. We currently produce MathPage

> (HTML/MathML) documents as a math textbook alternative for students who use

> screen-readers and don’t read Braille and are audio learners. It has

> worked great up until last week, when a student contacted me with the

> following issue: his primary computer is a Mac with Voiceover. We know he

> can’t access the materials in the MacOS so he said no problem, he would use

> his old Windows machine and JAWS. Turns out his Windows computer is

> running Windows XP, which only supports up to Internet Explorer 8. When he

> launches IE8, he gets a Microsoft message that he needs to upgrade or

> switch to Firefox or Chrome – it apparently won’t let him move forward and

> use the browser even to read our documents off-line. XP won’t let him

> upgrade IE, and MathPlayer won’t run in any other browser. I can’t ask the

> student to go buy a new Windows machine, needless to say. Can anyone

> recommend an alternative player of any kind that can handle MathType

> output? The student is falling behind and I want to find a solution that

> doesn’t involve me setting the student up with a human reader for his

> materials access, although he is actually open to that solution. ****


> Thanks for any suggestions you have,****


> Teresa****


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