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Prickett, Elizabeth Elizabeth.Prickett at victoriacollege.edu
Thu Jul 11 06:28:08 PDT 2013

Good morning!

Does anyone have experience with creating accessible websites using JOOMLA! ? I recently started at a new college and a third party created our website in JOOMLA! Our webmaster is new to the college as well and we are trying to figure out what we've inherited.

I'm having difficulty locating much accessibility information online and since it's open source CMS, there really isn't a contact person. We've run some accessibility testing on the site and know there are some issues. We'd like to know which are limitations of the CMS and which are CSS design errors by the vendor who designed the site. We'd like to be able to go back to the vendor with information how to fix the site, but we need to know if there are some built-in limitations with JOOMLA! We're also working on accessibility best practices for our content managers.

There are some accessibility extensions that have been created for JOOMLA! - has anyone experimented with them? Has anyone run across an accessible calendar for this CMS?

We know that the site was created using an old version of JOOMLA! (1.0.13). If newer builds are more accessible, we'd love to know!

Thanks so much for any insights!

Liz Prickett
Alternative Media Specialist
Center for Academic & Professional Excellence (CAPE)
Victoria College
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Victoria, TX 77901
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