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Pielaet, Jon JPielaet at clark.edu
Wed Mar 6 12:40:06 PST 2013

Hi Teresa,

I've been looking into production scanners as well. I used the 9080c's at The University of Montana for years and they grew on me. The 9080c has been replaced by the 9050c which is also a workhorse production scanner. If the 9050c is too expensive the 7550c also from Canon is a great scanner as well.
I prefer the Canons because they require so little maintenance.
The Fujitsu scanners are known to be good, but they use up consumables so the overall maintenance costs are higher. (This is only what I have heard from others.)

We just ordered a 7550c here at Clark for alt. format production. Let us know what you discover.

Good luck,


Jon Pielaet

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1. Plustek OpticBook scanners. (Kenneth Elkind)
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Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2013 17:12:42 +0000
From: Kenneth Elkind <Kenneth.Elkind at umb.edu>
Subject: [Athen] Plustek OpticBook scanners.
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Have you had any problems with the Twain interface with Kurzweil 1000, Kurzweil 3000 and Read & write gold.

Thinking of requesting them for next year.

Kenneth Elkind
Assistive Technology Specialist
(617) 287- 5243
Kenneth.elkind at umb.edu<mailto:Kenneth.elkind at umb.edu>
Skype User Number: adaptiveumb

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From: Teresa Haven <Teresa.Haven at asu.edu>
Subject: [Athen] Current high-speed scanners
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Greetings, all. I know this question comes up periodically, but the answers change because the technology keeps changing. Does anyone have current information/opinions on good options for high-quality, durable, high-speed duplex scanners for alt format production? We are still running on our Canon DR9080C that we've had for years, but we would like to purchase a new machine to add to our production line and serve as insurance for the day when our old Canon finally bites the dust. (The last time we had to put in a maintenance call it was down for almost a month, and I can't let that happen again.) Any suggestions on brands/models I should research are most welcome.

Teresa LW Haven, Ph.D.
Supervisor, Alternative Format Services
Disability Resource Center
Arizona State University

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