[Athen] feedback on proposed UD for CMS class - focus on Drupal & Wordpress

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Thu Mar 21 15:03:09 PDT 2013

Hello All:

(please excuse any cross-posts)

As part of an effort to include more UD & accessibility content in
curriculum, I'm working to develop an online class on the topic listed in
the subject line above: Introduction to Universal Design for CMS: focus on
Drupal & WordPress. I'm looking for feedback on what would be considered a
target or appropriate audience.

*Audience & Prerequisites*

My thoughts were that a requirement for the class should be either
experience with some type of CMS, preferably Drupal or Wordpress or
experience coding directly with html & css. Those without one leg of this
requirement would be advised to take a tutorial in the area they are
unfamiliar with.
(Those without either would only be allowed to take the class if they took
tutorials in both areas, demonstrating that they were able to create at
least basic sites either in both CMS and html/css).

*Proposed Content for Class*

- Accessibility Standards
- Universal Design Overview
- Universal Design vs. Accessibility - what's the difference, what's the
- Drupal theme engine - creating accessible themes
- Testing for accessible Drupal themes
- Accessibility features and tools in Drupal
- Creating accessible themes in WordPress
- Testing & choosing accessible plugins for Wordpress
- Final project: using either Drupal or WordPress

*I'd appreciate any feedback on suggestions on*
- prerequisite skills (agree or disagree with what I have above).
- Suggestions for different types of audiences to market to.
- Suggested content
- anything you think relevant

Thank you,

Howard Kramer
*Promoting the Integration of Universal Design into University Curricula
Lecturer, Cont. Ed - Evening & Cred Admin
cell: 720-351-8668
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