[Athen] DocSoft and Liberated Learning Consortium information?

Ron Stewart ron at ahead.org
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I would suggest getting in touch with Sean Keegan, they have a pretty good implementation of DocSoft on their campus.

As to Liberated Learning, all reports are that they have a good idea but it is more Hype than reality. I am not aware of anyone who has tried to use their technology that has been satisfied with the results. Currently there is no way to automate the Voice Recognition process without training the VR file to the person speaking.

To properly caption academic content you need to have ~95% accuracy, and that just cannot be done with current VR technologies unless individualized training occurs. Old adage, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". There is a good reason that RIT abandoned their research project in this area, it did not work.

Ron Stewart

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Just received information from the DocSoft vendor regarding use of the product. We're in the process of learning what we can from institutions that use the software/equipment already. Please reply directly to me if your institution has used it:

How was it used? To caption lectures and voice over powerpoints only? Media too?

Did it provide a solution?

Did any issues crop up?

Where is the service housed?

Also, is anyone familiar with the Liberated Learning Consortium? This is apparently a group researching/working on development of a tool that will do the bulk of the work for caption...

Thanks, Jean



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