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My comments would echo what Teresa and Kathy have said in terms of alternate formats for grad students. One thing I would add, as it relates to procedures, is that we also try to work with the faculty when dealing with reading lists. Reading lists for a grad program may include a list of titles, but sometimes faculty members have a very specific edition they want the student to read even though it is not explicit on the program's reading list.

Another consideration may be to engage with the library at your institution to find out their status and relationship with the Hathi Trust Digital Library. Depending on who or what entity controls access to the accessible versions of the files, grad students may find this resource useful in that they may be able to obtain digital versions from a library representative directly. Alternatively, it may be a disability services office that acts as the "proxy" for the Hathi Trust. In any case, for students doing library research, this may be another option to consider procedurally.

More about Hathi Trust and accessibility at:

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> The only difference might be that graduate students have lots of research that might not necessarily be tied to a particular class or textbook. We ask graduate students to produce a list of what’s needed and prioritize items. Then, we do our best to procure reading materials in alternative formats that the student needs.


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> Could those of you who deal with graduate students and their alternate format requests give me an idea of what your policies and procedures are concerning their readings. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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