[Athen] Call for papers: 20th Anniversary Issue of ITD-Journal

Terrill Thompson tft at uw.edu
Wed Nov 13 12:55:43 PST 2013

Good question Sheryl re. peer review and copy editing. Since we're
asking for relatively informal editorial-type articles, I wonder
whether peer review is even necessary(?) If it is, I can think of a
couple of approaches we could take:

a) Recruit a small team of colleagues to serve as peer reviewers. (One
person has already offered to serve in this capacity).

b) Have an "open" peer review where people who submit articles give
feedback to each other, with a commitment of reviewing a certain
number of articles (something like two per person probably).

As for copy editing, I think that function is built in. Teresa Haven
typically does that in her role as journal editor, and since you
(Sheryl) and I are guest editors we can help.

What do others think? This is *your* journal ATHEN, so I welcome any
feedback or suggestions.

And thanks to everyone who's stepping forwarding as potential authors!


On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 6:13 AM, Sheryl Burgstahler <sherylb at uw.edu> wrote:

> How do you plan to coord the peer reviews of these articles? Copy editing?

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> On Nov 12, 2013, at 4:13 PM, Terrill Thompson wrote:


>> Hi All,


>> At the ATHEN annual meeting we discussed the possibility of having a

>> 20th Anniversary issue of Information Technology and Disabilities

>> (ITD) Journal, and the response among those present was overwhelmingly

>> positive.


>> For those of you who have been in the accessible technology field for

>> a while, please read on and consider submitting an article...


>> The Information Technology and Disabilities (ITD) Journal will soon be

>> celebrating its twentieth year. Technology has evolved in amazing ways

>> since that first issue was published in January 1994, and the

>> evolution of technology has included a parallel evolution in

>> accessibility (both positive and not-so-positive).


>> This 20 year anniversary offers us an opportunity to consider all that

>> has transpired over the last twenty years, and all that still needs to

>> be done. With this in mind, the ITD Journal is seeking articles that

>> explore the theme of change as it applies to information technology

>> accessibility. Many of us who work in the IT accessibility field have

>> been active in this space for a long time, persistently and patiently

>> working to bring about positive change. This is an opportunity for

>> each of us to reflect on what we've experienced, consider the

>> challenges that await, and share perspectives on how we can apply the

>> lessons of yesterday toward meeting the challenges of tomorrow.


>> Submissions don't have to be long, formal, or scholarly. We're just

>> wanting to assemble a collection of different perspectives that mark

>> this point in time and offer ideas, strategies, and vision for

>> everyone to contemplate as we continue moving forward.


>> The deadline for submissions is December 30. We're hoping to pull it

>> all together and publish the anniversary issue (with lots of fanfare)

>> at the CSUN conference in March.


>> Please consider submitting an article! And if you think you might do

>> so, please let me know soon so we'll have a heads-up on what to

>> expect.


>> Thanks!

>> Terrill


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