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Ron Stewart ron at ahead.org
Mon Nov 18 14:07:44 PST 2013

More on this, the file contains some components that will not pass your
security software due to known issues. I am still trying to work through
those but at this point cannot get it to install even when I disable my
anti-everything software.


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Hi all, this is based on PT Reader which Sean and I shared with many of you
over the last couple of years though it is interesting to see the change to
support for MS Word format only.

It is going to be interesting to see if this suffers from the same IE issues
as other related tools, I hope not, but I am also not overly optimistic. It
is on my list of things to play with and I have some pretty gnarly files to
throw at it.

Ron Stewart

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Central Washington University has a free tool (Mac and Windows OS) for
consuming electronic text in Word format, including Math content. It's
called the Central Access Reader and looks very promising.

One cool feature is that there are different settings for different kinds of
math, so the user can change between algebra, calculus, statistics, etc.

Math content can be created with Word's Equation Editor or MathType

I believe it's still under development. The price is free. Check it out.
Info and download link is http://www.cwu.edu/central-access/reader


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