[Athen] Refreshable Braille Display - Old tech with new PC

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We ran into this with our PowerBraille a couple of years ago. The research I did at the time suggested that the USB/Parallel converters would only work with printers. I did purchase a few different brands of converters and confirmed than none of them worked. In some instances you may be able to purchase a parallel card for the computer. This would probably add an actual parallel port that the PowerBraille driver can find. I considered doing this, but I had done something similar in the past. At that time I was always battling with the support folks to keep the drivers installed for the hardware. I still have our PowerBraille on a test computer that still has a parallel port.

David Schwarte

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Hi all,

We are upgrading our computers and have older PowerBraille displays which are using parallel and serial ports for communicating with the PC. Has anyone successfully used a USB adapter and have the communication stay reliable? Or, is it time to invest in newer technologies?

Thanks for the suggestions!


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