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Hi Elizabeth & all,

Here is a possible solution using a second app.

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your post re: changing file names on the iPhone
So I have been struggling with the same issue since December when I bought my iPhone.Today, I figured out that if I import the photos using Lightroom, I can customize the file names. This is saving me a lot of time!

According to the iStore, Lightroom mobile app is free but requires the Adobe Lightroom program (full install on a desktop which is NOT free!). Might need more investigation. Am not recommending purchasing, as FREE makes it easier on your school/department and allows more independence for your students.

There are other free photo editor apps which are available at the iStore which could do the trick in terms of the students being able to snap a pix, edit in the photo app, then upload.

This tricky file naming difficulty ought to be recognized, written up into steps and distributed to faculty so they can include the "how to" in their BB message to students regarding how to submit homework from an iDevice. I'm pretty sure the instructor did not anticipate this snarl.

There are any number of free apps for photo editing available for both iOS and androids.

Another possible solution is to use a scanning app instead of just snapping a photo with the iPad or iPhone camera. This captures the homework shot as a PDF rather than an IMG file which can then be named appropriately and uploaded.

I have found a number of scanning apps (all free) at the iStore and have successfully taken photoscans of documents, saved as <FILENAME.PDF>.

Hope this is helpful. Contact me offline if you need more information.

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> On Aug 22, 2014, at 6:35 AM, "Prickett, Elizabeth" <Elizabeth.Prickett at victoriacollege.edu> wrote:


> Good morning!


> I’m hoping that someone with more extensive iOS tech tricks has a solution to an online math course dilemma.


> We have an instructor who is teaching a College Algebra course online. Some of our students have little access to computers and/or internet unless it is via a mobile device. The instructor would like to allow students to upload images of their math work to Blackboard. She thought they could do it via a phone or tablet but right now we can only get it to work with Android devices.


> iOS saves all photos as “image” and Blackboard (understandably!) will only allow you to upload one file with the same file name. I was thinking that a possible solution would be to save the files to something like Google Drive or Dropbox first and change the file name there before uploading to Blackboard. However, we’re trying to do this in as few steps as possible and as simply as possible for students.


> Does anyone know how to adjust the settings in iOS to manipulate file names?


> Thanks so much!


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