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Melanie P. Thornton mthornt at uark.edu
Mon Aug 25 10:38:17 PDT 2014

Hello, all.

I recently had JAWS user try to participate in a webinar hosted on Collaborate and she was unable to access it. Upon further investigation, I realized that I could not access it either. This was on a PC that had previously worked with Collaborate using the same version of JAWS I had used before.

I ran to Teresa Haven (as I often do) and she was able to learn that bit agreement between OS, JAWS and Java was necessary (as well as enabling the Java Access Bridge). I was able to set things up to make it work but when I tried using NVDA with the same setup, it did not work. I have not experimented with Window Eyes.

This does not meet the standard of accessibility want to meet. I wonder if anyone else has any wisdom to share on this. Has anyone else been in communication with Blackboard about this?

Your thoughts are appreciated.



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