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Fri Dec 12 14:26:00 PST 2014

Subject: Job announcement: Web Accessibility Trainer and Instructional

In case you know anyone and didn't see this on the WebAIm list.

Deque's training initiatives are expanding, so we are looking to
bring another person on board as a web accessibility trainer and
instructional designer. See the announcement at
(also shown below):

Web Accessibility Trainer and Instructional Designer

Released December 10, 2014. Position open until filled.

Deque is looking for an experienced trainer and instructional designer to
join the Web Accessibility Training team.
Required Skills

- *Trainer:* Ability to provide confident, engaging, information-rich
instructor-led training to web developers, quality control testers,
project/program managers, and others involved in web accessibility
- *Technical Writer:* Ability to write well-organized, accurate, clear
instructional text suitable for technical audiences in particular, and
write compelling content targeted at general audiences.
- *Instructional Designer:* Ability to conceptualize and implement
course goals, structure, and sequencing for effective learning in both
online and instructor-led environments.
- *Assessment Creator:* Ability to write effective test questions and
other assessments.
- *Front-end Web developer:* Expert knowledge of HTML markup and design
practices; high level of proficiency in CSS; Experience with JavaScript,
with the ability to explain concepts related to these and other
web technologies.
- *Web Accessibility Professional:* Working knowledge and practical
hands-on experience with WCAG 2.0, Section 508, testing accessibility
screen readers and other assistive technologies, and evaluating web
for accessibility issues, using both manual and automated tests.

Highly Desired Skills

- *Video creator and editor: *Ability to create instructional videos
from screen capture software and live footage, and edit them.
- *Sound technician and editor:* Ability to record with audio equipment,
and edit the results for video or for stand-alone audio.

Required Professional Traits

- *Passion:* A genuine desire to engage in a job that does some good in
the world in measurable ways for people with disabilities.
- *Communication:* Ability to communicate effectively with clients,
co-workers, and Deque management to articulate goals, successes,
challenges, and any inter-personal concerns openly, directly, and
- *Innovation:* Creative drive to invent new ways of solving challenges.
- *Curiosity:* Always learning, always teachable.
- *Adaptability:* Ability to adjust to constantly-changing environments
and circumstances.
- *Likability:* You don't have to be voted Most Popular or anything like
that, but you have to be a pleasant person, because you will be the
face of Deque, constantly working directly with clients.


We do not require a minimum amount of experience, but it takes time to learn
the skills required for this job, so the successful applicant will likely
have 5 or more years of related experience. If you have the skills, that's
what we're really looking for, so please apply even if you have less

We do not have a formal education requirement, but given the skill
requirements, the successful applicant will probably have at least a
bachelors degree in a field related to instructional technology, web design,
or another IT-related field, and we expect masters degree applicants to have
an edge, not explicitly because of the degree, but because of the skills
learned. Skills trump educational background though, so feel free to
surprise us, no matter your educational level.
Equal Opportunity

Deque is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage candidates with
disabilities to apply, as well as candidates of all ethnic, racial, gender,
and social categories.

We offer a competitive salary commensurate with the applicant's skill set.
(Notice that we didn't say "commensurate with experience," though experience
is certainly one possible indicator of a person's skill set.) Application

Submit a personalized cover letter and resume addressed to Paul Bohman,
Director of Training.

Paul Bohman, PhD
Director of Training
Deque Systems, Inc
703-225-0380, ext.121

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